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Introducing our Blue Book Series of offerings

Blue Badges is proud to announce our new series of offerings based on our best practices approach towards Project and Innovation Management focused solutions.  These fixed price engagements allow our customers to take advantage of time proven practices and experience. 

Discovery Workshop

A series of workshops to perform a current and desired state analysis with respect to business goals, people readiness, process and requirements.  We provide our clients with an assessment, detailed recommendations report and budgetary estimates for the defined roadmap.  Click to learn more.

Workgroup Project Management “EPM in a Box”

Best Practices implementation delivering centralized project management for up to 50 users in 2 weeks.  Fixed Price.

Departmental Project Management

EPM in a Box approach with up to 150 users and additional configuration options available typically for 5 weeks duration.

Enterprise Project Management

Focused on doing projects execution within an enterprise. We leverage our best practices methodology for delivering a Project Management System.  This is typically Time and Materials based as various options exist.

Project Portfolio Management

Focused on intake and execution of projects, programs, or ideas
Full lifecycle set of requirements and processes are addressed
Development of a capability roadmap based on people readiness, process maturity and tools needed to deliver the capabilities.  Time and Materials based phased approach.

Project 2010 Evaluation Workshop

The objective of the Project 2010 Evaluation Workshop is to provide an accelerated set of sessions that will review the functional capabilities of technology coupled with the organization’s readiness to accept these functions and capabilities. Furthermore, Blue Badges will assist in defining the vision and scope and estimating the work that it will take to achieve that vision and scope.

Our agenda is comprised of Envisioning, Requirements Gathering, Use Case Modeling and Demonstrations that facilitate a consensus driven set of deliverables in an accelerated manner.

Optional Considerations (Additional Work):

Business Case Development

Infrastructure Envisioning

Capability Roadmap

EPM Post Deployment Assistance

From Helpdesk Escalation Support to modifying existing reports and dashboards, to training, there is a lot of value in having access to our experts when and where you need us.

Project Audit

Leverage the expertise of one of our PMP Experts to evaluate the logic, critical path or other important aspects of your Project, including communications plans, execution options, managing schedules, budgets and/or resources effectively.

EPM Migration Planning

Thinking about migrating from Project Server 2003 to 2007 or from 2007 to 2010? Both can deliver a lot of value; but there are functional, technical and organizational factors to consider. We guide you through assessing the business case, experiencing the relevant capabilities and choosing the right path.  We deliver an EPM Migration Roadmap that outlines the business value, scope, estimated work, costs and duration for the migration effort.

Capability and Process Maturity Roadmap Planning

Are you ready to take your organization to the next level? Let us provide a capability assessment and a concrete plan for getting more value from your people and your EPM solution.